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Welcome to Be Happy – Work from Home!

What if you hate your job?

Or what if you have health or mobility issues or disabilities that make it extremely difficult or impossible for you to commute to work or to work in a standard work environment outside the home?

Just imagine…

What if you didn’t have to drag yourself out of bed every morning at the crack of dawn, tired and grumpy, to make it to your job on time?

What if you didn’t have to be cut off from your family all day, and could spend more time at home with them?

What if you didn’t have to commute to work every day, fighting traffic (with the traffic winning!) – even in the middle of a blizzard or a big thunderstorm?

What if you could work flexible hours, as much or as little as you want or need, in the cozy comfort of your own home? And take a nap or fix a snack whenever you like. Relax on a break with a hot new book or stream a cool movie or TV show you’ve been wanting to see. Take a walk while the sun’s still out.

In short…

What if you could work from home, earn good money and be happy?

Well, that’s why I created this site. And that’s why you’re here!

The Nitty Gritty

After earning an MBA from UCLA (go, Bruins!), I immersed myself in the world of finance and accounting, working for a number of highly successful, leading-edge companies. Later I ran my own business from home, helping small business owners with accounting and marketing. Last but not least, I worked as a development manager for an amazing nonprofit that trains search dogs to sniff out live victims buried in the rubble of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and other disasters.

Recently health issues forced me to step down from regular employment, but in those 25+ years I learned a lot. And one of the things I learned was how much I love helping people!

How Can I Help You?

Like me, a lot of people would find it beneficial to work from home…

People who have health or mobility issues or disabilities. People who are sleep deprived and/or chronically fatigued. People who need to stay home because they are caretaking for someone else. People with small children at home. People lacking transportation. People who need extra income to make ends meet. And the list goes on and on…

These people are everywhere, all over the world. Millions of them. Maybe even billions.

I’m not going to be able to help every single one of ’em, but I’d like to help as many as I can. And maybe I can help YOU!

Free for All

So I’ve created this site, and I’m going to work hard to keep it updated. And I’m happy to offer it as a free resource to people like you who want to improve the quality of your life by working from home.

I sincerely hope the information here will be helpful to you, and I wish you fun-omenal success in your work-at-home adventure!


If you ever have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be happy to hear from you. Thank you for being here, and if you think this information would help somebody else, please spread the word.

Joanie (“bizzygal”)

Founder of Be Happy – Work from Home



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